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Death is not a journey into an unknown land, it is a voyage home.

Ngaben or cremation ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in Balinese life cycle. This Bali Hindu funeral ritual involves a long and delicate preparation. Though the main principles are the same, expect some differences in execution within the Bali regencies. The main purpose of Ngaben is to release the soul of the deceased so that it can enter the upper realm where it will wait for reincarnation or eventually liberated from the cycles of rebirths.

For particularly the family and relatives, it’s an eventful week or month-long preparation, very personal and emotionally tough. Though everyone is in sorrow, the intricacy of the ceremony and the intent of ensuring the deceased is sent to the place of honor, keeping everyone endure such sadness. In Jangu, Selat, Karangasem, the deceased is not burnt but buried. It is mainly due to the village is within close proximity to the sacred mount Agung and hence to avoid the impurity of the sacredness of the mountain, deceased isn’t burnt and yet buried.

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